Buy a Business

Want to Buy a Business?

Have you wondered: How will I know if a business is right for me? How will I finance the purchase? How do I mitigate the risks?

Purchasing an existing successful business with trained employees, existing client and supplier relationships, a proven concept and location can be your “Advance to GO” card.

FACT: Statistics show that owning your own business is the fastest way to financial independence, while also creating the lifestyle that goes with successful business ownership.

Choosing the “right business”:

Sunbelt Atlantic is discriminating about the businesses we offer and our Brokers have the experience, market knowledge and resources to help you find the right business. We will guide you through the buying process but in the end, your choice of business will come down to whether or not you see yourself in your business.

Securing the Right Price and Terms:

After all is said and done, what you will buy is the ability of the business to produce cash. Will it be sufficient to service your debt, support your lifestyle and provide a return on your investment?

We help you understand the “real value” in each business you consider. The businesses we offer are priced on a realistic market value of the assets and liabilities and the true earning capacity of the business.

We work to build a relationship of trust and respect between Buyer and Seller throughout the transaction.

Financing the Purchase:

We understand the financing landscape in Atlantic Canada and help source business financing options and solutions. Sunbelt Atlantic has experience arranging financing for small to medium-sized businesses and will help you understand your financing—and hence purchasing—options.

Many purchases depend on a Seller “taking back” (Vendor Takeback or VTB) a percentage of the purchase price in the form of a loan, paid back over time with interest. The Buyer realizes lower risk, better terms and there is a greater commitment by the Seller to ensure a new owner’s success.

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